Water resource and earth science specialists.

Polar Geoscience Ltd. is an independent environmental consulting firm based in Squamish, British Columbia that provides water resource and earth science consulting to public and private sector clients throughout British Columbia and Alberta. 

We provide expert service in the fields of hydrology, geomorphology and terrain analysis to the forestry, transportation, mining, energy, and property development sectors, as well as to government agencies, First Nations and other organizations. 

Our professionals are highly experienced in conducting water supply and demand studies, water quality monitoring, and assessing a suite of natural and development-related hazards and risks in watersheds (e.g. flooding, erosion, landslides, wildfire, and mountain pine beetle).  Our staff have many years of experience developing cost effective hydrometric and climate monitoring networks.  We are experts in erosion and sediment control and environmental monitoring as well as air photo analyses and detailed surficial geology, soils, terrain stability, and natural hazards mapping.


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